The 5NINES Wimp Competition

The Wimp Competition is a computer-themed strongman contest that requires both mental and physical strength.

promoter:Charlie Olson (
organized by:Wimp Studios LLC
sponsored by:
date:September 13, 2014
time:check-in after 12pm
contest starts at 1pm
location:Keva Sports Center
8312 Forsythia St
Middleton, WI 53562
  • Women's: $40
  • Men's Rec: $40
  • Men's Open: $40

Prize packages from 3D Nutrition.

entry deadline:

Entries received after September 1st will not receive a sweet WiMP t-shirt.


$2 for spectators
free for children 10 & under

+ Event Log

Log clean-and-press for max weight.

The log will start at 35kg (77lbs) and go up in 5kg increments.

Last man standing. You will only get credit for your max weight lifted. Once you miss an attempt, you are out.

You do not (and should not) need to take an attempt at every weight. Try to keep it to 3 or 4 attempts. Do not waste everyone's time with more light/warm-up attempts than you need.

  • Women's: Minimum 35 kg (77 lbs)
  • Men's Rec: Minimum 35 kg (77 lbs)
  • Men's Open: Minimum 35 kg (77 lbs)
+ Tires of Hanoi

Three posts, four tires of increasing size and weight (25, 35, 60, 120 lbs). Requires a minimum 15 moves.

Wikipedia has a nice animation of what you need to do:

And here is a walk-through of the actual event:
Tires of Hanoi Demo - WiMP 2012

Max of 3 minutes. If not completed, you will be ranked based on the number of moves that would be required to finish.

(in sand)

  • Women's: 12" posts, 30 to 120 lb tires
  • Men's Rec: 48" posts, 30 to 120 lb tires
  • Men's Open: 48" posts, 30 to 120 lb tires
+ Bit Flip

Eight tire-flip reps.

The tire starts vertically and is pushed over. The timer starts as soon as it hits the ground (the 0th flip) and stops when it hits the ground after the 8th flip.

If not completed in less than 2 minutes, you will be ranked by # of flips.

  • Women's: 300 lbs
  • Men's Rec: 540 lbs
  • Men's Open: 775 lbs
+ Monitor Toss

Three attempts to heave a 25 lb monitor for distance.

For spectator safety, only forward-launching-style throws are permitted (e.g. shotput style).

Running starts are allowed. It's a scratch if you step on, or beyond, the board.

  • Women's: 33 lbs
  • Men's Rec: 33 lbs
  • Men's Open: 33 lbs
+ Array.Reverse

Four numbered sandbags on four platforms, plus one empty buffer platform.

The task is to reverse the order of the sandbags as quickly as possible, by moving one sandbag at a time between platforms. A platform can not have more than one sandbag resting on it.

Should you drop a sandbag and not be able to pick it up again, push over one of the destination platforms, and put the remaining sandbags in order on the remaining platforms.


  • Women's: 20, 40, 60, 80 lbs
  • Men's Rec: 100, 120, 140, 160 lbs
  • Men's Open: 140, 180, 220, 260 lbs
+ 5NINES Uptime

Crucifix-hold variation.

Hold chains attached to tower cases out to the side at arms-length for as long as possible.

Judging will be strict! Elbows must be completely locked out, arms must be at/above parallel and below eye-level. Judge will pause the timer to administer warnings.

(Optional) You can earn up to 32 bonus seconds by correctly converting 4-bit binary numbers (shown on flash cards) to decimal during the hold.
Practice binary-to-decimal conversions here.

  • Women's: 10 lbs each hand
  • Men's Rec: 15 lbs each hand
  • Men's Open: 22 lbs / 10kg each hand

Scoring Method:

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